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Internship in Bali

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Do you want your internship to be an unforgettable experience with many new international and local friends? Do you love new cultures, exploring beaches, surf trips on the weekend, cocktails and sunsets? We can help you with finding the right internship located on the beautiful island: Bali.

We can help you with arranging an internship, sponsor letter, visa, airport pickup, scooter rental, student housing, simcard and more…

In Bali you can work in a range of different sectors. We give you a chance to explore tourism, technology, finance,  sales, marketing, law or any other internships. It doesn’t matter if you are from Thailand, Australia, Canada, or any other part of the world, we help you to find the best internship.

Asia is one of the best places to do an internship. The architecture, parties, arts and many more things. You can work with a brand or a small business. We offer good communications and help you sign the best internship in Bali.

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How does it work

1. Check out our internship opportunities

2. Apply on our website with your wishes and requirements.

3. Paradise Students will find the most suitable internship for you.

4. The necessary preparations for Bali are made.

5. Departure Bali!

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Frequently asked questions

When should I apply?

We recommend you to contact us around 2-3 months before you come to Bali. So we are sure we have enough time to find you a suitable internship and accommodation.

When should I pay?

You pay when, you have the agreement with us and the internship. When everything is set we will send you the quotation.

How should I pay?

You pay by transferring the money to our bank account. This must be done before you come to Bali! 

What vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia?
You should check your Area Health Authority (GGD), they know exactly what vaccinations you need. You’ll probably need: Hepatitis A + B and DTP, Rabies. If you are good insured, your insurance will pay for it.
Are there additional costs?

There are no hidden fees or additional costs. Please do note, that the monthly costs of accommodation, motorbike and visa, are not included in the package fee.

Do I need a sponsor for my visa?

Yes, you do need a sponsor for your visa. Depending on the type of package we will assist you to get and extent the visa. If you want some more information about visa’s, please contact us by sending an E-mail.

Are the services on No Cure No Pay basis?

Yes, all our services are No Cure No Pay. If we can’t find an internship for you, we don’t charge you anything. 

How do I meet other students?

Bali is a very popular place for tourists, expats, students and young entrepreneurs, you will find them everywhere. So a quick chat will sometimes provide you with a long lasting friendship. Everybody on the island is very social so you will have friends very quick. Just be yourself!

Do I need an international drivers license?

Yes, you need an international drivers license. This is because you need to drive a motorcycle. For the people from Holland, you can get them at the ANWB shop for €24,95-. 

Can I withdraw money in Bali?

Yes of course you can withdraw money in Bali. You can do that at the ATM’s around the island. The currency in Indonesia is the Indonesia Rupiah.

Our Partnerships

We are working on expanding and improving our relationships with host companies, schools, students and other organizations. Our goal is to offer our students top-quality internships, education and even more important: a life changing experience. You will find the best internships in bali with Paradise Students.

We successfully hosted students from the following universities:

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